About me

Translator (CCI) English/German

Sworn translator – Higher Regional Court, Hamm


Full circle:

Back when I was 12, my English teacher told me that I should consider a career in teaching English myself one day! Of course I was proud to hear this, and my parents were delighted, but in fact my early career led me in first into business and then the legal sector, learning a huge amount and gaining some valuable experience along the way.

I kept in contact with English language and culture all the same through travel, voracious reading and following just about every programme on cookery, gardening and tourism I could find on TV. I also often read English poetry and regularly found myself assessing the translations with a critical eye…

So when, a little later in life, I decided on a change of direction, I realised the answer had been there all along – why not use that love for language and culture and become a translator? Which is exactly what I did, returning full circle to my original passion. And it has been one of the best decisions I ever made.

Nothing is ever wasted, and of course my experience in the business world also left me with plenty of organisational and management skills to add to my language abilities.

So if you’re looking for a professional, reliable, talented and enthusiastic translator to help you with all your language needs from English to German, then look no further. Send me an email or pick up the phone and let’s get started!